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  • Max stack size: 1
  • Category: Treasures

Wraith's Design

  • Wraith's Design
  • Required level: 4
  • Use: Summons Wraith.
  • Teaches you how to summon a stealth combat mount Wraith. It moves faster than anyone can see and teleports for huge distances, leaving the enemies behind locked in a stasis field. It generates fields of invisibility to leave the battlefield unnoticed and hide its rider.
    It will increase your movement speed by 155%150%.
    It is powerful enough to stand enemy's control effects. It either fully blocks them or significantly decreases their duration.
    If you already have this type of mount, you will receive the color pattern "Wasp" for it.
    Press J to open the Stable interface and summon the mount.
    This item is stored in your bag under the Boutique tab.
    Consumed after use.

    Goods from the Boutique.
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