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An Acute Controversy


Kill the League's priest Gordei Plamenev and report to Timur Blagostin at the Imperial Outpost.
Spawns at: Windy Hills
Windy Hills
Windy Hills


To disorganize the operation of the League's mission, we need to efficiently strip it of its leadership. Here's what it means translated from bureaucratic: Gordei Plamenev must stay in the Purgatory. He already resurrected after the previous assassination - it's time to sent him to meet Tensess' servant again. If he rises, we'll send him right back. And we'll keep at it until the ultimate unconditional victory of the Trinity Church!


When words are not enough to persuade, you resort to more forceful arguments. In the long run, these determine what is to be written in history books. Cruel but true.


Gordei got another unscheduled leave, didn't he? That's great. Sooner or later, he'll run out of mirra, and we won't hear about the League's mission for a long time.


Money: 29 35 20