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Seven Knights


Find the six missing knights in the woods.
Spawns at: Drowsy Woods
Drowsy Woods
Drowsy Woods


It’s been ages that we stayed in this forest. We didn’t mind much, when the elves came. The swamps suited them well, so we decided to let them be. It was alright at first, but then their leader became a widower, and the witch came to ruin the elves, and the swamp, and the whole allod!
So, you’re looking for Annette, right? I’ll help you if you help me. See, I’m alone here. My brothers wander around the forest. I don’t know if they’re lost or got into trouble. I’ve been calling out for them, but all in vain. If you manage to find them, I’ll tell you where your beauty is!


We were in our full powers, as we were young. It’s not like that any longer...


Well now, everyone’s back here. Now listen.
Annette came to stay with us, but she didn’t stay long. We went for a hunt once, and by the time we came back home, she was gone. We figured that it was the damned witch that took our Annette to lock her up, and we strived to save her, but we guess we’re a bit too old for that - we barely escaped! So we have no idea whether she’s alive or not...


Experience: +20700
Money: 216 10 3