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Word of Ancestors


Collect pagan amulets in Plagot ruins, set fire on nine ancient menhirs near the Mound and report to the ghost.
Spawns at: Ancient Mound
Ancient Mound
Ancient Mound


See those menhirs around the Mound? They conceal huge power. This power restricts and protects the spirits of the Mound. It's like a prison and a sweet home at the same time. If we manage to subdue this power, we will be able to call all the dead people here, just like blowing in a horn. They will rise! They will rise to defend their home.
In each menhir there is a slot, the shape of which reminds ancient defensive pagan amulets, that were used centuries ago. You will have to find all nine of them. We shouldn't underestimate them - they absorbed suffering of these lands and blood of the citizens... They will help us call upon a huge army - an army of the ancestors.
I hope we can bring the two parties to peace. If not the King's order, then it's only the word of ancestors that'll help. Go and beware. The spirits might be dangerous.


Hurry, we don't have much time.


We succeeded! The dead and the living will fight elbow to elbow! This is not anything you achieve every day. Just the sight of it should make the enemy run in terror!


Experience: +1035
Money: 1 33 33