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    Blood Ties

    • Blood Ties
    • Element: Shadow
    • Rank: 1
    • Range: 30
    • Cast time: instant
    • Cooldown: 25s.
    • An ability to bind with Blood Ties either allies or enemies, given by Forgotten Magic.
      Blood Ties pass from one target to another within a 6 yard radius. Can be passed to a target that has already been affected.
      When applied to enemies, Blood Ties inflict Shadow damage to the target. It can strike up to 5 enemies at once, and damage dealt increases by 20% for each next target.
      When applied to allies, Blood Ties restore target's health by . It can heal up to 5 allies at once, and restored health increases by 20% for each next target. Allies with the lowest health are healed first.
      Consumes 6 drops of blood.
    • Dragon Power
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