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    Anniversary Platinum Coin

    • Anniversary Platinum Coin
    • Can be traded for gifts from vendors and Holiday Committee Officials in your faction capital during the holiday events.
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    "Burning Passion" Headpiece"Burning Passion" Headpiece00ClothesCap2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    "Elven Twilight" Underwear"Elven Twilight" Underwear00ClothesUnderwear2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    "Lucky Gibberling" Underwear"Lucky Gibberling" Underwear00ClothesUnderwear2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    "Orcish Traditional" Underwear"Orcish Traditional" Underwear00ClothesUnderwear2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    "Peacemaker" Cudgel"Peacemaker" Cudgel00OtherOther1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    "Romantic Mood" Underwear"Romantic Mood" Underwear00ClothesUnderwear2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    "Spring Holidays" Underwear"Spring Holidays" Underwear00ClothesUnderwear1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    "Tender Night" Evening Suit"Tender Night" Evening Suit00ClothesOutfit2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    "Tender Night" Headpiece"Tender Night" Headpiece00ClothesCap2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    "Zem Technology" Underwear"Zem Technology" Underwear00ClothesUnderwear2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    100 Seashells100 Seashells40Other 1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    200 Gifts of Admiration200 Gifts of Admiration44Other 1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    200 Proofs of Exploit200 Proofs of Exploit40Other 1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    A box containing the Bard King's Anniversary CostumeA box containing the Bard King's Anniversary Costume44Other 6Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Alchemical SuitAlchemical Suit44ClothesOutfit1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Alchemist's EyeglassAlchemist's Eyeglass00ClothesCap1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Anniversary CloakAnniversary Cloak00ClothesCape2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Anniversary CostumeAnniversary Costume11ClothesOutfit4Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Anniversary Costume ChestAnniversary Costume Chest41OtherOther4Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Anniversary HeadgearAnniversary Headgear44ClothesCap3Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Antique Imperial ArmorAntique Imperial Armor00ClothesOutfit2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Antique Imperial CapeAntique Imperial Cape00ClothesCape2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Antique Imperial CloakAntique Imperial Cloak00ClothesCape2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Antique Imperial HeadgearAntique Imperial Headgear00ClothesCap2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Antique Imperial HelmetAntique Imperial Helmet00ClothesCap2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Antique Imperial OutfitAntique Imperial Outfit00ClothesOutfit2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Antique League ArmorAntique League Armor00ClothesOutfit2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Antique League CapeAntique League Cape00ClothesCape2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Antique League CloakAntique League Cloak00ClothesCape2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Antique League HeadgearAntique League Headgear00ClothesCap2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Antique League HelmetAntique League Helmet00ClothesCap2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Antique League OutfitAntique League Outfit00ClothesOutfit2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Ardent Passion Elegant CostumeArdent Passion Elegant Costume00ClothesOutfit2Anniversary Platinum Coin
    BagpipeBagpipe41OtherOther1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Bass GuitarBass Guitar40Other 1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Battery of the Brilliant MechanicBattery of the Brilliant Mechanic00ClothesShoulder Decoration1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Black Pearl RumBlack Pearl Rum00Other 1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Blacksmith's HatBlacksmith's Hat00ClothesCap1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Blacksmith's OutfitBlacksmith's Outfit44ClothesOutfit1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Box of CrystalsBox of Crystals01Other 100000Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Box of CrystalsBox of Crystals01Other 100000Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Box of New Year CardsBox of New Year Cards40Other 1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Box of Spring CardsBox of Spring Cards00Other 1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Boyar CapBoyar Cap00ClothesCap1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Boyar OutfitBoyar Outfit00ClothesOutfit1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Camp Forge FurnaceCamp Forge Furnace44ClothesCape1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Carrying the War BannerCarrying the War Banner00Clothes 1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Ceremonial Armor of the PaladinCeremonial Armor of the Paladin44ClothesOutfit1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Ceremonial Helm of the PaladinCeremonial Helm of the Paladin44ClothesCap1Anniversary Platinum Coin
    Ceremonial Warrior's ArmorCeremonial Warrior's Armor44ClothesOutfit1Anniversary Platinum Coin
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