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    Collector's Coin

    • Collector's Coin
    • Everytime you open a Collectible Strongbox from the Boutique, you receive a coin. D2 Golem located at Goblin Banker's residence will trade these coins for useful wares.
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    Anniversary Gold CoinAnniversary Gold Coin41OtherOther4Collector's Coin
    Anniversary Platinum CoinAnniversary Platinum Coin40Other 40Collector's Coin
    Common Jeweler Manuscript - ReplicaCommon Jeweler Manuscript - Replica41OtherOther12Collector's Coin
    Complimentary Elixir of LuckComplimentary Elixir of Luck41OtherOther2Collector's Coin
    Complimentary Elixir of VitalityComplimentary Elixir of Vitality41OtherOther2Collector's Coin
    Complimentary Potion of LuckComplimentary Potion of Luck41OtherOther1Collector's Coin
    Complimentary Potion of VitalityComplimentary Potion of Vitality41OtherOther1Collector's Coin
    Deposit Box - 120 SlotsDeposit Box - 120 Slots11OtherDeposit Box23Collector's Coin
    Deposit Box - 144 SlotsDeposit Box - 144 Slots11OtherDeposit Box120Collector's Coin
    Fiery Wolf's collarFiery Wolf's collar41OtherOther12Collector's Coin
    Lesser Scroll of Sacrament - ReplicaLesser Scroll of Sacrament - Replica41OtherOther12Collector's Coin
    Pack of Mana BatteriesPack of Mana Batteries41OtherOther1Collector's Coin
    Replica of a Page of the Carnifex's CodeReplica of a Page of the Carnifex's Code40Other 12Collector's Coin
    Replica of a Page of the Edict of ConclaveReplica of a Page of the Edict of Conclave00Other 12Collector's Coin
    Replica of Encrypted Scroll of the Great MercyReplica of Encrypted Scroll of the Great Mercy51OtherOther12Collector's Coin
    Replica of Free Traders' Cannon PlansReplica of Free Traders' Cannon Plans41OtherOther2Collector's Coin
    Replica of Impulsive Adaptive CannonReplica of Impulsive Adaptive Cannon66Other 12Collector's Coin
    Replica of Lesser Scroll of the CommanderReplica of Lesser Scroll of the Commander41OtherOther12Collector's Coin
    Replica of Manuscript of KnowledgeReplica of Manuscript of Knowledge41OtherOther3Collector's Coin
    Replica of Paragraphs from "The Study of Perfection"Replica of Paragraphs from "The Study of Perfection"11OtherOther12Collector's Coin
    Replica of Rhino HornReplica of Rhino Horn41Other 210Collector's Coin
    Replica of Sign of the BeltReplica of Sign of the Belt41OtherOther12Collector's Coin
    Replica of Sign of the CrownReplica of Sign of the Crown41OtherOther420Collector's Coin
    Replica of Sign of the ShoulderpadReplica of Sign of the Shoulderpad41OtherOther240Collector's Coin
    Replica of Sign of the SpursReplica of Sign of the Spurs41OtherOther6Collector's Coin
    Replica of Standard TurretReplica of Standard Turret101OtherOther12Collector's Coin
    Replica of Stormrider's FeatherReplica of Stormrider's Feather44Other 220Collector's Coin
    Replica of the Experimental Adaptive CannonReplica of the Experimental Adaptive Cannon3012Other 12Collector's Coin
    Replica of the First Page from the Great Mage's DiaryReplica of the First Page from the Great Mage's Diary101OtherOther12Collector's Coin
    Replica of the Folio of KnowledgeReplica of the Folio of Knowledge40Other 3Collector's Coin
    Replica of the Fury's CollarReplica of the Fury's Collar40Other 230Collector's Coin
    Replica of the Magic CarpetReplica of the Magic Carpet40Other 250Collector's Coin
    Replica of the Stomper's TuskReplica of the Stomper's Tusk40Other 240Collector's Coin
    Replica of the Tome of KnowledgeReplica of the Tome of Knowledge41OtherOther3Collector's Coin
    Scroll of the Wrathful Wizard - ReplicaScroll of the Wrathful Wizard - Replica41OtherOther12Collector's Coin
    ThunderstrikeThunderstrike101OtherOther8Collector's Coin
    Thunderstrike Mk.2Thunderstrike Mk.2101OtherOther1Collector's Coin
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