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    New Year Card

    • New Year Card
    • New Year Cards can be exchanged for presents at the Snow Maidens in Nezebgrad and Novograd.
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    "Blizzard" Underwear"Blizzard" Underwear00ClothesUnderwear150New Year Card
    "Frosty" Underwear"Frosty" Underwear00ClothesUnderwear150New Year Card
    "Hoarfrost" Underwear"Hoarfrost" Underwear00ClothesUnderwear150New Year Card
    "Winter Sunrise" Underwear"Winter Sunrise" Underwear00ClothesUnderwear150New Year Card
    Basils's Color Pattern: Furry SnowbankBasils's Color Pattern: Furry Snowbank40Other 600New Year Card
    Bob HatBob Hat00ClothesCap200New Year Card
    Dog's Color Pattern: Mountain DogDog's Color Pattern: Mountain Dog40Other 600New Year Card
    Dragon’s Color Pattern: Frosted FlameDragon’s Color Pattern: Frosted Flame40Other 600New Year Card
    Dreadnought's Color Pattern: HoarfrostDreadnought's Color Pattern: Hoarfrost41OtherOther300New Year Card
    Frosty CrownFrosty Crown00ClothesCap200New Year Card
    Fury's Color Pattern: Ice AgeFury's Color Pattern: Ice Age40Other 300New Year Card
    Gryphon's Color Pattern: Icy WindGryphon's Color Pattern: Icy Wind40Other 200New Year Card
    Hoofprint TalismanHoofprint Talisman00OtherTrinket1200New Year Card
    Kanian Runner's Color Pattern: Siverian FrostsKanian Runner's Color Pattern: Siverian Frosts41OtherOther150New Year Card
    Lion's Color Pattern: King of WinterLion's Color Pattern: King of Winter41OtherOther200New Year Card
    Magic Horse's Color Pattern: Merry BlizzardMagic Horse's Color Pattern: Merry Blizzard40Other 300New Year Card
    Manabike's Color Pattern: BlizzardManabike's Color Pattern: Blizzard40Other 600New Year Card
    New Year Celebration CloakNew Year Celebration Cloak00ClothesCape250New Year Card
    New Year SkisNew Year Skis00ClothesCape150New Year Card
    New Year SledgeNew Year Sledge00ClothesCape150New Year Card
    Officer's Trapper HatOfficer's Trapper Hat00ClothesCap200New Year Card
    Overlord's Aegis' Color Pattern: Frozen LakeOverlord's Aegis' Color Pattern: Frozen Lake40Other 300New Year Card
    Overlord's Throne's Color Pattern: Marvelous MarkingsOverlord's Throne's Color Pattern: Marvelous Markings40Other 300New Year Card
    Rhino's Color Pattern: Icy ThornRhino's Color Pattern: Icy Thorn41OtherOther200New Year Card
    SamovarSamovar00ClothesCape150New Year Card
    Snowy CloakSnowy Cloak00ClothesCape250New Year Card
    Stomper's Color Pattern: PermafrostStomper's Color Pattern: Permafrost40Other 450New Year Card
    Strange HatStrange Hat00ClothesCap200New Year Card
    Suit of Winter BreathSuit of Winter Breath00ClothesOutfit300New Year Card
    Suit of Winter NightSuit of Winter Night00ClothesOutfit300New Year Card
    Talisman of a Frosty TreadTalisman of a Frosty Tread00Other 600New Year Card
    Tamed Ice WyrmTamed Ice Wyrm00ClothesCape1200New Year Card
    Titan's Color Pattern: General FrostTitan's Color Pattern: General Frost40Other 450New Year Card
    Trapper Hat with AviatorsTrapper Hat with Aviators00ClothesCap200New Year Card
    Warm New Year CapeWarm New Year Cape00ClothesCape250New Year Card
    Wise SnakeWise Snake00ClothesCape1200New Year Card
    Wolf's Color Pattern: Icy CrystalWolf's Color Pattern: Icy Crystal41OtherOther150New Year Card
    Wolf's Color Pattern: LegionnaireWolf's Color Pattern: Legionnaire41OtherOther200New Year Card
    Wraith's Color Pattern: Ice AgeWraith's Color Pattern: Ice Age40Other 600New Year Card
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