Basics of Alchemy: Step One



Purchase an alchemy manual from Sivoyar Zablosky and read it. Purchase a wooden Pestle and use it to prepare common stain remover. Report to Sivoyar Zablosky.


Do you want to learn alchemy?
I'm not sure, I haven't been teaching for ages... Then again, why not! It isn't Astral demon's biology, after all. Pay for your manual, tools and initial ingredients, and we can start our training.
For starters, prepare common stain remover for me. It's a good exercise, and besides, we have a customer! Gibberling captains made the order, they grumbled something about never taking a herd of 200 cows on board again.


Read the manual further, otherwise you might brew or cook something really dangerous... like this last time, when one talented student of mine made a mistake and cooked a piece of Astral in his flask, and was swallowed whole by it.


Hm, I wonder... It's not acid or deadly poison... Look at that, a common stain remover! That's huge success, for a start.


Experience: +160

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