Basics of Alchemy: Step Two



Purchase a Sickle and Ether from Sarbaz Losash, obtain five Potent Chamomiles and brew 5 Weak Potions of Healing. Report to Sarbaz Losash.


We receive orders from military hospitals pretty often. For instance, here's one from the Holy Land. They're running out of healing potions. Let's see... they are asking for five weak potions of healing. That's the task for you.
You have a good chance to learn an important lesson: best ingredients are gathered by the alchemist. Oh well, that's rather easy, they're everywhere. Of course, you may buy them from an auction, too. You will need Potent Chamomiles for your potions and Ether. Collect five flowers and buy Ether from me.


Our soldiers should rely less on the Gift of Tensess, really.


These are good potions! You know what, you may leave them for yourself. You're a hero, alright! I'm sure you're going to make good use of them. I can brew potions for the soldiers myself.
Welcome to the ranks of alchemists! Now you know everything that an apprentice should know.


Experience: +160

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