A Garden City Shall Stand Here




Collect 5 Underripe Fir Seeds, 5 Ripe Fir Seeds, and 5 Overripe Fir Seeds for Froddy the Fidget.


I've been doing a lot of thinking and maybe it's for the best that there's no hope of reclaiming our homeland - enough of all this venturing off into the Astral! The time has come to face the facts and realize that this is our home now!

Yes, this archipelago will be our new home. I'm sure that the rest of the Gibberlings will agree with me and we'll organize a magnificent feast in honor of our new home.

However, it's not the right time to reveal the truth to my people. We already have enough problems and no one likes the taste of tears in their beer.

Fortunately, I'm a druid! How hard can it really be to transform this icy land into a flourishing garden?! There are beautiful and giant fir trees growing on Shaggy Isle and it's colder there than it is here. I want to find out how they can survive there.

Go fetch me some of their seeds. Please make sure that they're varying levels of ripeness. It'll greatly speed up my research if they are.


Fir trees have cones, and inside the cones there are seeds, and in those seeds there is a forest.


I'm eternally grateful to you. I can sense that these seeds contain some sort of mysterious power. I'll need to examine them very carefully.


Experience: +1350

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