The Last Condition



Kill Adrian Valir and report back to the Keen Family.


Hey! We're in on this too! Veleslav told us all about your heroic deeds for the sake of the Great Tree's seeds. Now we're busy running back and forth between the Settlement and Lukomorie, keeping the druid and the Keeper in touch. We've recently got some good news! The Great Tree has given us an answer!

We'll have a new home soon! The piece of land that the League allotted to us is harsh and inhospitable, but we'll change that. If we satisfy the last of the Great Tree's conditions, it'll grant us some seeds and Frozen Frontier will turn into a blooming garden. That's great, isn't it?

Now let's talk business. For some reason, the Keeper of the Tree is concerned about the Valir family. The last duke of that great house, Adrian, was cursed and became the "Prince of the Undead". The Great Tree wants him to finally rest in peace.

He says that if we kill the duke we'll save his soul. Please go to Castle Blight, find Adrian, and grant him eternal rest. So, will you help us? Just one more time, pretty please!


The Gibberlings won't be able manage without the help of a Great Tree. We must do as the Keeper of the Great Tree wishes!


Hurray! On behalf of Gibberlings everywhere, please accept our thanks. Adrian has found rest and that means that the Great Tree's bidding is done, and we will receive the seeds of life!

We'll go to the Keeper for the seeds right away, and then we'll take them to Frozen Frontier. Froddy the Fidget has been waiting for them!

Oh yeah, we almost forgot! Froddy asked us to reward you for your help. Oh yeah, and we also had to tell you something important... Shoot, we totally forgot! Oh well, don't fret, I'm sure it was something minor. You know - "thank you, the Gibberlings are now happy," that kind of thing...

Alright, we're out of here. So much to do, so many places to see... Good luck to you, friend of all Gibberlings!


Experience: +2240

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