Food for the Poor



Take the food to the orc announcer.
  • Take the food to the orc announcer
    (Alice made sandwiches for him. She's at the cafeteria.)


An investigation? What? What investigation?
Oh, right! The investigation.
Look, can we discuss it later? I've got some important stuff to finish.
Have you heard about the orc announcer? Yes, the one that recorded the war craft training material. He's famous.
They're starving him out now solely because he's an orc! Kicked him out of the ranks, too. He's sitting by the fountain all sad. I want to be supportive and let him know he's not alone.
I made sandwiches for him but the troop leaders are keeping an eye on me. Can you take them to him quickly, before they turn cold?
Wait a minute, have you eaten? Finish your meal first! Otherwise they won't let you out. We have this rule that you need to eat your meal before you can be excused.


Woah, food! I'll be damned! Thanks for remembering about me.
It's a nice feeling!


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