Not a Day without a Feat



Fight at the Arena of Death or complete the Astral Hunt quest, which is given by Nastassja Ushkuynikova in the Hangar. Return to Valya Skomorokhova.
  • Arena of Death participated in
  • Astral Hunt quest completed
    (Receive the quest from Nastassja Ushkuynikova in the Hangar.)
  • One of the two requirements completed


Greetings to the heroes! Do you wish to serve your motherland?
Arena of Death is a battleground where every day two great armies fight in a thrilling battle. Those who prove their supremacy, win the treasures of the Arena and glory for their guild. Don't miss your chance to participate!
If you are interested in more exciting activities, gather your own team and set out on the Astral hunt! The head of Demon Hunters in the Hangar will reward you generously for that, and so will we.
Good luck in your deeds!


How is it going? Ah, I envy you so much! Day-to-day life of the heroes must be so exciting.


Excellent! Another day, another feat! Keep up the good work!
Let me remind you, that if you complete five of my quests in a week, you will receive a valuable prize!



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