The Search for Arhivin



Search for Vissarion Arhivin in the Corridors of Tensess Temple.
  • Enter Tensess Temple


I guess you better do as the Historian suggested and try to find Vissarion Arhivin inside Tensess Temple. The League knows that we possess proof of their guilt. Sure as I'm standing here, they're hard at work at devising new lies. Which means the sooner you find Arhivin, the better.

The main Temple entrance is the one heavily guarded by mercenaries. The Historians are intent on letting no one in through that door.

But there are two others as well. They, too, used to be guarded by fighters on the Historians' payroll. But after the chaos that occurred, many of their forces ran into the temple along with Arhivin. The rest were concentrated at the main entrance to prevent another security breach.

Find Arhivin and relay everything we know of the League's insidious ways! And hurry, don't let anything stand in your way!


This area is relatively safe, so feel free to relax and get some rest. But your meeting with Arhivin will have to wait, I'm afraid.

I was accompanying him and this is where he met with Nefer Ur. Don't you worry, they negotiated a truce. The League's guilt has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Nefer Ur and Arhivin then decided to go on and investigate what the cultists have been up to in the Temple. As I'm sure you noticed, they somehow managed to flood the place. We started our ascent, I was bringing up the rear.

But then a magical barrier appeared out of nowhere, cutting me off from my party. I wasn't able to break through, and so I was forced to stay behind. I can teleport back to camp, but I cannot go any further. Sigh...


Experience: +6845

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