A Bad Buy




Bring the 10 bundles of furs the Orcs are hiding to Igor Molotov.


I'm looking at these charred remains and I just can't believe my eyes. It hasn't even been a month since I made a trade deal with the Bear Tribe! I'm so naive, blinded by my own greed... Why would someone do business with them!

Those bastards promised me ten bundles of furs and to my own misfortune, I gave them a down payment... In weapons. The same ones they turned against us!

I'm so ashamed! This is a lose-lose situation. We can't get the weapons back, and the furs... Hey, wait a minute, let's do this - you can find your way back into the Orcs' land, find the bundles of furs and bring them to me. It serves them right! They should have known better than to break trade agreements!


Man, I hope I get those furs. I even have a buyer lined up already...


Thank the Astral, now I have something to impress the family! It was them that financed the deal after all. I already thought it was all over, that they would have fired me for embezzlement.

Thank you!


Experience: +1440

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