A Display of Strength



Participate in killing Slag the Stonefoot and report back to the Cunning Family.


The mountainfolk that inhabit the Foothills of Arov have been giving us a lot of trouble. If we want to make this land our own we need to put an end to their atrocities.

There's a dangerous and vicious fighter in their tribe that we have yet to defeat. If we succeed, we believe their raids will stop. Strength is the only thing that those savages respect. We have to show them what we're made of!

Unfortunately, our hands are full with the ice monster attacks and just staying alive. So many of our allies are still frozen from the last attack! That's why we're asking you. However, we don't expect you to do it alone! Oh no! You'll need a good, strong team to take this savage down. Good luck!


Only a joint effort will help you overcome this enemy. It's time to acquire friends and learn to work in a team.


So, it's been done. Do we feel sorry about his death? Yes. Will we hesitate to give another order such as this? No.


Experience: +1300

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