A Cause for Alarm



Report on what took place on the Overcharged Shore to Esther de Desirae, Archmage of the League Defenders, in the Central League Camp.


It didn't work! I can't purify the Site of Power by myself...

Where did they come from and what are they doing here?!

This is all very alarming. Why, just a few days ago, I was certain that demons were a thing of the long gone past. But now... Now I have my doubts.

Go to the Central League Camp and seek out Esther de Desirae. Since she's the Archmage of the Defenders, she will recognize the significance of this distressing new data. After all, the Defenders were formed to be both a shield for the League and a retributive sword in the fight against demons. Perhaps it is time for them to remember their true calling!


Cultists?! Hm, that's very strange... I didn't take part in the Great Astral Campaign, but I know that closing the June gates is what stopped the demon invasion. The cultists scattered like dust in the wind after that, having lost the very foundation of their terrible prophecies. Now they've wound up here...

I don't know what to do about this. What we need is good advice. I suppose I should send a report to Izbor Yavorsky in Novograd. Let him figure it out.


Experience: +700

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