Inn at Risk



Warn Gorislav Gipitsky, the innkeeper, about the bandit threat.


My buddies and I defected from the Imperial camp. We made it all the way over here only to find bandits and ogres. So, we decided that it would be best to split up... I went to the bandits and pretended to be one of their own, but when I heard what they were planning...

Listen, we need to warn Gorislav that Emelian Razin is planning an attack on the inn!

He's going to slaughter everyone and keep the inn for himself! I heard it with my own ears!

Don't worry about me, I'll get outta here on my own. Just hurry over to the inn! If Razin is successful, this will be the end of free trade as we know it!


What's up? Is something wrong?


What's up? Is something wrong? Emelian... he's planning an attack on the inn? I can't believe it... I can't even recall how many years he's been sitting at this very table... Sometimes even drank on the house. And this is how he repays my generosity?

Backstabbing scoundrel! Oh, how the lust for power changes people!


Experience: +3150

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