June Golem Warriors



Infiltrate the June Stronghold on the eastern side and activate the artifact and report back to Commander Stas Gorlanov in the Central League Camp upon completion.


The June Stronghold lies on the eastern front. It's nothing but ruins nowadays, but the golems therein are still well intact.

They are magical warriors that fight on the side of whoever controls the ancient June artifact at the center of the ruins. Not too long ago the Empire deployed a number of elite units into that region.

We've moved up our own forces in response, and both sides have been engaged in intense battles ever since. The control over the golem warriors keeps shifting from one side to another and back again. It's like a game of leapfrog!

You must infiltrate the bastion and put an end to this freak show. If there's anyone capable of getting this done, it's you!


Are those blasted golems still fighting on the side of the Empire? Then what you are still doing here?!


The artifact is now under our control! Outstanding work! The golems are mowing down Imperial troops left and right. Let's hope they keep it up! Bless those June and their inventive minds!


Experience: +1080

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