A Geological Anomaly



Speak with Froddy the Fidget in Quiet Harbor.


Hm, no signs of meteorite again! What could this mean? No, it doesn't mean we'll send you out to get more samples. However, the ore from the werebears' cave poses a conundrum. It seems like the stone had been melted from a very powerful fire. It also seems to be imbued with magical power of some sort.

What should we do? Well, that's obvious! We need to inform Froddy the Fidget, our elder. Magic is his forte, you know. He should be able to tell us what these strange signs mean.


It's like a test for me every time you come around. I have to guess what sort of unbelievable news you've brought me!


There's magical power in the ore? I wonder if it's similar to the power that I sensed in the Great Tree's seeds... Give me some time to think about all of this...


Experience: +4320

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