A Bottle for the Sentry




Take some ale to the Snoring Family.


It's a good day and we've g-g-got many things to celebrate! We killed the ice monster, came to an agreement with the Great D-D-Dragon, and found a new home... That calls for a party! Hic!

A drinks r-r-reception will be announced soon -"Bottoms Up: Part Two." Everyone is welcome! We were even going to invite the d-d-dragon but thought that he probably wouldn't enjoy it. And we've got plenty of folks here who'll down a b-b-barrel of ale in seconds.

Oh, no! We forgot about the Snoring Family! They're probably still at their post! Cold! And sober! That just won't do. Go take them a bottle of ale so that they can have a good time too.


Hic! Who are you?


This is for us?! Oh, what a wonderful day - you're the third person to bring us a bottle!

Who's this one from? Torn?! Wow!

He's good man, you know, but totally nutty in the head. Didn't you know? He lost all his brothers! Some Astral tore them to shreds, so resurrection is out of the question... He was the only survivor and he has stuttered ever since. But he doesn't believe that his brothers are dead - he thinks they just moved to some other ship. I guess that's the only way he can live on.

But hey, that's not something that we should be thinking about, right? Let's drink one in honor of their memory! Theirs and all the others who are not here with us to see this great day!


Experience: +280

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