A Glimpse into Astral Passenger Ships



Take the ship from the Nezebgrad Port to Asee-Teph and give Bugailo the Unyielding the Valuable Package.


Attention, attention!

Regular voyages to the Holy Land are now available to all citizens! All those willing to join in the fight against the League are welcome to leave for Asee-Teph by boarding an Astral ship at the port. The Imperial Army needs you! Follow in the footsteps of Major Bugailo the Unyielding who personally eliminated several hundred League soldiers!

By the way, Major Bugailo has been awarded a Medal of Courage by special order of Yasker himself. And guess what, the mission of delivering the Major's award has been assigned to the famous Imperial Survivor! Take this. It's a very important package, so please hand it to Bugailo personally.


Well, what do you need? This isn't the kind of place to engage in idle chatter.


What? A Medal of Courage? For me? Wow... That's so nice! Thank you. Huh, I guess the government knows about me and appreciates my deeds. Well, I'll be... Now I'll take on the whole League myself, argh!


Experience: +310

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