A Glimpse into Astral Passenger Ships



Take the ship from the Novograd Port to Asee-Teph and give Yaroslav Glebov the Valuable Package.


Listen, I have a personal favor to ask of you. My old friend Yaroslav Glebov set off for the Holy Land quite a while ago. He's the captain of a Kanian ship, and the Army is always in need of his services. It's understandable I suppose - there is a war going on.

His wife hasn't seen him for quite some time so she asked me to send Laurus this package for her. Because it's so very important, I was hoping I could find someone to personally deliver it.

Do you think you could help me out? I would take it myself, but if I leave there won't be anyone to do my duties in Novograd. So, are you up for it?

This should also be a great chance for you to try out an Astral passenger ship if you haven't had much chance to use one yet. Just go to the Novograd Port and board the ship that's going to the Holy Land. It should be quite a smooth ride, I assure you!


Oh, I hate being stuck in the Holy Land! I miss Novograd, my wife, my friends...

I wish it was time to go home!


What is it? Is that for me? Oh, how nice! My wife went out of her way to send me my favorite tobacco. Thanks for bringing it!


Experience: +310

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