A Bloody Ritual



Use the Holy Sacrificial Knife on the coast and defeat the Astral demon that appears, then return to Marina Jidkova.
  • Partonage Rune obtained
    (Complete the Martyr's Rune quest. You may purchase the rune you need from vendors in the capital of your faction.)
  • Demon summoned


I have now enchanted a blade with the power from the Holy Sign and the rune of your patron.

You can begin the ritual by making a small cut in the palm of your hand, and then two things will happen. First, you will draw your patron's attention. Second, an Astral demon will be drawn to the Holy power, and it will seek to eliminate the source.

Next you must prove your worthiness in the eyes of your patron by defeating the demon. When the patron sees that you are capable of defeating such sources of dark power, the ritual will be complete and you shall be blessed with a stronger connection with your patron.

Now go to the large Astral crystal just to the northwest of here. That is where you will undergo your trial.


So, have you completed the ritual? Have you increased your favor with your patron?


You have received the new powers. Use them to the glory of the League!


Experience: +330

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