Cullak the Distorter



Participate in killing Cullak the Distorter and report back to Soliskar the Wise.


The voice that comes from the seneschal's mouth is more powerful than before:

Do you know what drives this world? Hate! The League hates the Empire, the Empire hates the League, the draconids hate the lizardmen, the lizardmen hate the draconids, I hate the Great Mages, the Great Mages... Ha! The Great Mages are afraid of me!

So I was wrong... Not only does hate drive this world, but fear also! They go hand in hand - fear and hatred!

Don't believe me? Think about the demons! All of them hate! And all of them are afraid! And you, you're afraid, yes... Perhaps you've managed to kill several, but when fate confronts you with a formidable enemy, you're afraid.

Cullak the Distorter, a fierce Astral demon, has appeared on the allod. He wanders around the west bank, hunting my servants. But... if you're ready to face your fear, you can try to defeat him. Make sure you don't face him alone. That would be foolish...


I wonder whether or not you're really brave... It's very interesting!


Really? This makes you a more valuable ally!


Experience: +3600

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