Imperial Science



Obtain three Crates of Imperial Missiles for Commander Stas Gorlanov at the Central League Camp.


In order to complete your next task you'll be heading to the southeast part of Asee-Teph. There you'll find the Storehouse Complex on the Southern Shore, or SCOSS for short.

Is it any surprise that these Imperial suckers can't even come up with a decent name? One could go mad from all those stupid abbreviations! Anyway, that's where the Empire keeps their arms, ammo, and various other supplies. Naturally, they keep it under constant and heavy guard.

However, our intelligence service managed to crack a captured Imperial officer, who shared some very interesting information with us. According to the prisoner, there's a shipment of experimental missiles on its way to the storehouse. The missiles were developed by... Wait for it... The ZIT! Just when you thought they couldn't mangle our language any worse, they go and surprise you! Still, behind those senseless words there's a place where the brightest minds of the Empire are hard at work. And so it is of utmost importance that those missiles are stolen and studied by our brightest minds!

Go to the storehouse and bring back three boxes of the missiles.


Where are those Imperial missiles? I realize that they're well guarded, but you'll find a way, I'm sure of it!


Ah, here they are! You've done well! The more I work with you, the more you impress me!

We'll be shipping these boxes to Novograd. Our armories will copy their missiles or think of a way to improve them!


Experience: +1440

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