The Treant Guard



Use the Treant Guard's Capsule near the Central Imperial Camp.
  • Treant Guard summoned


At last, the time has come to take decisive measures. We shall drive a stake right through the heart of the enemy!

I believe you're already familiar with this type of capsule. Except this time we're not using Elemental Guards. We've got something even better!

Place this capsule at the Site of Power in the Central Imperial Camp, Those Imperial jerks will be all over it and when the attack it, a mighty and invincible Treant Guard will jump out! Yes, yes, you heard me! Once, many centuries ago, Kanian druids were able to reach an understanding of sorts with the Elven archmages. And you're about to see the fruit of their collaboration in action!


Well? Did you summon the Treant to bash in those Imperial skulls?


Now let's just hope the Treant holds out as long as possible.

With allies like that it won't be long until this entire Imperial ant hill is driven to utter chaos! It's a pity I can't just forget everything and rush into battle.

But no, this is where I'm needed.


Experience: +6660

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