Command Bunker



Capture the Empire's command bunker and kill 10 Imperial Colonels and their Commander, Maxim Reznikov, for Commander Stas Gorlanov at the Central League Camp.


I've just issued the order to commence an all-out offensive on the Central Imperial Camp. Hundreds of League militia and veterans are on their way south to put an end to the Imperial presence on Asee-Teph.

But for you I've saved a special mission.

Between the Central Imperial Camp and Tensess Temple lays a fortified bunker. It is a crucial strategic point, since the Imperial forces use the bunker to monitor their surroundings. Your task is to capture this bunker and kill Maxim Reznikov, the Imperial Colonel who heads up the garrison.

Be aware that this is a very dangerous foe. He's a veteran of the Great Astral Campaign and a living legend among the Imperial troops. In the event of his death, enemy forces will be greatly demoralized and that will help our troops to achieve their goal.


Is the bunker ours? Is Maxim Reznikov dead? Make haste, we cannot afford delays!


Alright, so we have the command bunker, Reznikov is dead, and the Imperial troops are stricken with panic.

The hour of victory is near!


Experience: +7400

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