The Horrific Monster



Participate in killing Gorg and report back to Esther de Desirae.


The jungles of Asee-Teph are filled with all sorts of vile and depraved beasts. And just so happens that the worst of the worst live to the south of here. I'm talking about the ogres.

Normally we'd just stay away from their territory and we'd be fine, but they've found themselves a new leader. Bow they think that they can just waltz in and take anyone that they want for their supper!

We Elves have waged war against their ugliness for many, many centuries now. If one of my ancestors saw this ogre, they'd wipe it off the face of the allod.

That's just what we're going to do! We'll lead a campaign against the ogres! Gather up your finest allies and destroy their leader! That'll teach them to come barging into our camp.


Ogres... They're an ugly boil on the beautiful body of the Holy Land.


Bravo! Your heroic deed is comparable to that of my forefathers who made this world a prettier place.


Experience: +2775

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