The Vampires' Citadel



Speak with the spirit of the ship in the cabin-chapel of Darkblood Citadel.


Someone needs to sneak into Darkblood Citadel and stop the beam - that's our only chance! And there's no better choice for the job than you. I beg you - for the sake of History, for the sake of Zayan - help us, don't let the vampires destroy this allod!

Roxane de Doucer says that Darkblood Citadel has a special cabin-chapel. Inside is the spirit of the ship who manages all the equipment on board, including the beam apparatus. Find the spirit of the ship and speak with him. It must shut off the apparatus!

Oh, if we only knew how to get onto that damned ship!


I am Amadeus and I've been specifically created to work on this Darkblood Citadel.

I possess keen intuition and am fully conversational. Vocabulary - ten thousand words. Emotions deactivated. For detailed instructions see my developer - Great Mage Gorluxor.

Password required to stop beam apparatus. You have stated the wrong password. You have one attempt left. If you state the wrong password again, the room will be blocked off and guards will be called.


Experience: +5875

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