Operation Holy Cloak



Steal a Holy Cloak from a goblin pirate to the east of Takalik dock and return to Profka the Fierce.


I hate Plu! That mangy prick is dealing with pirates. They brought the holy weapons here! I thought the cheapskate would make fortune by selling his trinkets. Luckily the auction fell through. I'm so happy! And I'll do what I can to make him even more miserable.

Except getting close to those pirates ain't no piece of cake! Plu gave them all holy cloaks to wear, so now they're invincible. We even put up more guards around the port in case they try to attack. Man, what kind of crap is this - we're afraid of goblins! Makes my blood boil.

If only we could get one of those cloaks. Then we'd show them a thing or two! Actually, I've got an idea. Kinda crazy, but still.

The pirates set up camp on the shore east of the port. What if we take one of them by surprise - sneak up on them and rip their cloak off? You'd better be careful though! Their bosun is said to carry a holy blade in addition to wearing a holy cloak!


I can't wait to get my hands on one of those things.


There it is! A holy cloak! Wait, you said you killed its owner? Hold on a second! That means it failed to protect its owner. How could that be?


Experience: +6800

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