Permission for Voisvet Belov



Obtain permission for Voisvet Belov to visit Tensess Temple from the Historian Nomarkh Taltal and report back to Commander Stas Gorlanov.


You're just the man I'm looking for. I have an urgent task for you.

Voisvet Belov, the League's most glorious knight, wishes to visit Tensess Temple in order to receive a blessing from Tensess' Soul. However, according to the current agreement, access to the Temple is controlled by the Historians, which means that we must first obtain a proper permission from one of them. Damn bureaucrats!

One of the Historians in charge is Nomarkh Taltal, who's currently overseeing excavation works in the northeastern region of Asee-Teph. We need you to go to him, assist him with whatever he needs, gain his favor, and then ask about the permission.

But don't delay! It has come to our attention that the Empire is also requesting access to the Temple for one of their Great Mages, Nefer Ur. It is imperative that we get there first.


Did Nomarkh Taltal give you permission? Can I tell Voisvet you were successful?


I don't know how you did it, but this is outstanding work! I only hope the other Historians will be as compliant as Nomarkh Taltal. Voisvet will surely enter Tensess Temple before Nefer Ur. I trust you understand that this isn't just a matter of prestige!


Experience: +1440

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