A Glimpse into Astral Ship Building



Speak with Maurice de Ardeur at the Astral Academy.


Hear ye! Hear ye!

Everyone who has dreamt of Astral voyages and great discoveries can now turn their dreams into reality! The League Astral Academy is willing to help you build your own Astral ship! Maurice de Ardeur, the Ship Master, will answer all of your questions on this subject!

The Astral Academy is located just a short distance away to the north of Novograd. Go there now and take possession of the Astral! Challenge demons, pirates and the Xadaganian fleet!

You're still here? Go on and talk to the Ship Master! Well, I guess it's up to you, but if it weren't for my family and other responsibilities... I'd be off prowling the Astral myself!


So, you also want to build your own Astral Ship? I can help you with that.



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