The Captive Elven Historian



Rescue the captive Elven Historian from the Imperial Camp near Tensess Temple.


We must preserve the peace with the Historians at any cost! We must prove to them that it was the Empire that raided their base that night! And I know just how to do it!

Just south of the Temple the Imperial troops are holding one of the Historians, an Elven female, captive. Our intelligence reports that they've been torturing her to speak out in the Empire's interests!

You must go in and rescue her! But be careful, she is sure to be under heavy guard.


At last! I was beginning to think I wouldn't make it out of here. You wouldn't believe the perverted fantasies of some of these Imperial executioners!

The Imperial troops stormed the camp at night and massacred our mercenaries.

I was squatting in the bushes when it happened - those jerks wouldn't even let me finish my business, they just grabbed me and hauled me over here! Oh! How I hate them!


Experience: +6660

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