The Lies of the Empire



Speak with Stanislav Kubarev along the Zosim Coast.


The Great Ascetic isn't here. He's gone... Do you see that woman over there? It's all because of her! If not for my orders I would just...

The ignoble Empire accused us of employing demonic Gibberlings to brainwash the Imperial soldiers. What kind of nonsense is that? We, the League, using demonic forces - why, that's preposterous!

We thought about who could serve as our judge. It had to be someone both the League and the Empire revered... the Great Ascetic! He is a saint, after all.

I came here to present the Ascetic with our key piece of evidence - the Gibberlings themselves. He would see at once that there wasn't a demonic trace anywhere on them.

They are merely regular Gibberlings - the furry, tender creatures we all know and love! How could such a foul thought cross anyone's mind?!

Then this Imperial lady pops up with her absurd, far-fetched accusations. The Ascetic listened to us for a while, then got up and shut the doors in our faces! Of course, it was all her clamoring and wailing that drove him mad!

I don't know where the Ascetic went or when he will return... but there is another pressing concern. The Gibberling seers are scheduled to arrive on the coast soon, but there's a savage battle taking place near there.

The Empire is attempting to eliminate our forces while waiting for Yasker's emissary to arrive. She allegedly has documents that prove the demonic nature of our Gibberlings. Go to Stanislav Kubarev on the Zosim Coast and offer your assistance. Now run to the shore, quickly!


Speak quickly, I haven't a moment to spare! Did you come from Amvonov? Right on time! The enemy is pressing us hard!


Experience: +1200

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