A Civilized Orc's Revenge



Kill Horny the Barbaric and return to Braga the Unyielding.


Whatcha staring at? Never seen a wounded Orc before? Yes, I was part of the convoy that had to deliver those Astral power supplies! Yes, I fought Horny! And yes, I lost the battle. Grr, barbaric scum!

Phew, I feel better now. I needed to vent. Look, I'm a civilized Orc, not like these savages. I fought a fight and I lost. And to me that's no reason to jump into the Astral, though that's what the clan laws stipulate.

It's just that... I feel like crap, you know? I want revenge! More than anything in the world, I want revenge! Except with this wound here I'm not much of an avenger.

Hey, I've got an idea! Why don't you avenge me? It makes perfect sense! Once Horny dies I'll be at peace. And if I'm not the one who kills him, that'll put me above all these ancient Orcish traditions. Everybody wins! Well, except for Horny, haha!


Maybe I should just go after Horny myself... No, I won't succumb to blind revenge! Besides, what if he beats me up again?


You killed him?! Hurray! Eh, somehow I don't feel too good about this though. I probably should have done it myself. Maybe us city Orcs are becoming too soft after all...


Experience: +4340
  • +500 reputation points with Orcs

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