Avilon Portal



Tell the Portal Guardian about your wish to open the portal.


Do you want to open the portal that I'm guarding? Nothing could be simpler!
In the past, portals were protected by powerful Guardians, and one could only open a portal if they satisfied the Guardian's hunger with living creatures. The Historians have discovered ancient writings only a short while ago. The writings belonged not to Junes, but to Elves! The knowledge was recorded at the dawn of this world, and long forgotten even by the Elves themselves. The majority of the manuscripts were valuable only from a historical standpoint. However, several of the scrolls contained writings about the creation of portals and controlling the Guardians. These days the Guardians are back to performing their original duty - protecting the portals from ruin. And without any sacrifices!
If you want to open the portal, all you have to do is ask.


Well, should I open this portal for you?


As you wish!
This portal is now open for you!


Experience: +7590

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