A New Hope



Use the Scroll of Teleportation to travel to Yazes Shard and meet with Rogneda Boykova, the League Campaign Leader.
  • Teleporting scroll used


The keys you recovered from Armando de Doucer's teleporter has helped our intelligence to gain access the demons' portal network. It looks like most of their activity leads to Yazes Shard – an allod formerly under control of the Empire.

A squad of paratroopers has already been deployed to the allod and is headed by Rogneda Boykova. When they got there, they found many demons and cultists as well as the home of our greatest enemy - Gorluxor's Tower.

There's no doubt that this place is their headquarters. There Gorluxor leads his large army of demons and cultists in an attempt at world domination. We're sure the demons are using him too, but we're not sure what their goals are.

This operation has been classified as top secret and given the name the codename "A New Hope." We hope that one day soon, we can clear the world of this demonic plague. You are to join this team of soldiers immediately. Take this scroll - it will teleport you to Yazes shard. Once there, report to Commander Rogneda Boykova for more information.


Did Aidenus send you to help? Excellent!


We really didn't expect to find so many demons and cultists here... They nearly pushed us into the Astral. Our only goal for the moment is survival.

Those demons out there are preparing for a new invasion, they want to get rid of us! Their attacks are non-stop! Fortunately, a good chunk of the demons are distracted by the Imperial paratroopers working the eastern shore.

Yes, Imperial intelligence has also found out about Yazes Shard and Yasker deployed a squad to this area. We're trying to steer clear of them - Aidenus wants us to be the ones to deal with this demon problem. Our victory will consolidate the League's prestige. Unfortunately, it'll be very difficult to win this battle.


Experience: +5520

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