A Helping Hand



Kill 10 Hungering Predators and report back to Horn the Roughneck.


Nestor Golovanov has sent another raven with a message. It has been waiting here for hours! Where have you been?!

Well, at any rate, I'm glad that you've come on your own and that I don't need to look for you. I have too few hunters at my disposal as it is, and we don't have any to spare to be organizing search parties!

Now listen up - to the south of here by the Astral fangs there are demons fighting the draconids. If you go over there and kill at least ten demons, the draconids might change their mind and ally with us! But whatever you do, don't hurt the draconids themselves! We need to clearly show them that we're friends.


Are all the demons dead? We need to show those draconids that we'd make great allies!


It seems as if your feats haven't impress the draconids... not one bit. They're probably thinking that they can make do without any allies and that we're nothing but a pesky obstacle in their way. That's a real shame!


Experience: +2880

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