Solo Performance



Charge the Final Argument with magic energy by destroying 10 Malevolent Demon Mages. Report to the League Defenders' commander Rogneda Boykova upon completion.



Before you go on the Third Portal mission, I have to tell you something else...

You can complete this quest on your own. By using magic, of course. When he was sending me here, Aidenus decided to give me something from his own stash... And I think now is the proper time to put the Final Argument to use. That's the name of the artifact he gave me. But before you can use it you must charge it with the power of 10 bested enemies. Malevolent Demon Mages will do just fine.


I wish I could at least steal a glance at Aidenus' treasury! I think it holds some... unimaginably powerful artifacts!


Holy cow! Looking at this charged artifact I'm beginning to understand why it got its name!

You'll surely close the third portal with it. As long as you don't forget to use it when the demons attack!.


Experience: +12985

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