A Dog Is Man's Best Friend



Use the beater's amulet in the Rotten Ruins to summon a demon hound, then find and destroy five Terminators. Report to Semer Knef in the Rotten Ruins.


Listen up. I don't feel entirely comfortable when my consciousness passes over into the mystic plane. It's like I can feel something behind me. I can feel movement, or I can feel eyes upon me. I carefully look around, behind every corner, turn over every rock, even poke my head into every basement, and find no one. But I can't shake that feeling that there's someone here besides me!

One theory is that it might be one of the Destroyers. It might even be a Terminator - the most dangerous one of their tribe. I can't see them, but that awful feeling at the nape of my neck... I can feel their eyes upon me! Ugh! I have a special amulet that I got from the camp: the beater's amulet. With its help, you can summon a demon possessing an excellent sense of smell. Terminators are invisible to the eye, but they must have a smell. Especially because they spend much of their lives in moldy tombs.

Call the demon hound and, if he can find the Terminators, dispose of them!


It's a feeling that someone's watching us... right now... it's gone! How goes it?


That means there really were Terminators. And now they've been destroyed! I salute you! I can continue my observations in peace.



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