Real Secret of the World



Return to Novograd and tell everything about your Revelation to the Keeper of Secrets, Lovewise Catfish.


What do I do with this knowledge? Should I tell others? Those who laud the exploits of Skrakan and Nezeb? Those who will want to crucify you if you tell them they died for nothing?

No one will believe you. That's your personal Revelation. In time, others will experience it as well. That is when it will become the Truth.

But there's one person you need to tell this. Aidenus? No. He already knows or suspects it.

Go to the Keeper of Secrets Lovewise Catfish and tell him everything. It's his responsibility - learning secrets. Let him start a new chapter in the chronicle of the world. Let him touch the greatest secret.



You are not the first one to see it! I'm flooded with messages that our history, everything we believed is fake!

Director of this crazy Play is very smart. Water wears out a stone! Yesterday I would rather laugh into your face having heard this news.

Today... Today I can only accept it with humility.

Let's wait. I'm sure this is not the last Revelation.


Experience: +510

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