Seals of Power



It's hard to miss the fact that the new players on the Sarnaut scene are trying to obtain previously unknown astral entities. Words they slipped, accidentally or intentionally, point to some mysterious Seals. I should try and learn about these Seals and their powers...


You have solved the "Seals of Power" mystery


Seals? I have no idea... Everything is changing so fast! Some things appear that we, researchers of the Past, could not even imagine!

Go ahead! Learn the truth! Maybe this knowledge will save us and our world from destruction...


What? There are no Patrons? Are you out of your mind, you heretic? You might as well go and claim that there's no Tensess! Wait, though... Tensess' gift, the gift of resurrection is the product of our faith, but only a few of us know that. Then the existence of the Patrons might be a lie as well...

Oh! I sometimes regret knowing what I know!

So there are no Patrons, and the power believed to be given by them is actually the power of Nihaz's Seals! Then I dare suppose that the black rock fragment, the charm made from a piece of astral silver and that pot of astral iron you saw on your journeys is nothing but fragments of broken Seals! It follows that the Patrons, the Great Dragons of the Past and the Seals constitute the same power. Incredible!

Also, I can't forget the words of Nihaz that God can only be defeated by a power equal to His... I wonder if the power of the Seals equals the power of the God that created them? If that's so, then... No! It's too early to think about all that! I'll put the record of your story under the rug. The time to reveal this mystery to the world won't come soon... Will it come at all? There are things you're better off not knowing!


Experience: +110

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