Death of a Hero



Defeat the dragon Illuian and... die.
  • Get to the dragon's lair
  • Kill the dragon Illuian
    (This might be your last battle. You will win and die for the last time.)
  • Face your death
    (Dragon venom will finish the lesson. Do not run from it.)


One of the last and most important lessons.
Why do you think I create nations and uplift heroes in them?
In the beginning, people live in primitive savagery and fear. Around them are vast, unexplored lands inhabited by monsters.
But then a hero comes, and everything changes. They perform feats in the name of us, gods; they expand the spaces available to their people, they bring knowledge and skills. Sooner or later, every hero realizes that they are mortal. And they begin to seek immortality.
But only gods are immortal, not people. The most important moment for any hero like you is to understand that they are mortal. It is time for you to understand this, too.
If you wish to learn my lesson, then go into the woods. An ancient monster dwells there who has existed for as long as I have... Illuian.
Fight him... and die.


Move! This is my will.


Not everyone is destined to die knowing they won't be resurrected.
But it's not your time yet.


Experience: +137885

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