Reliable Help



Tell Nomarkh Ankh that you are ready to help.


There you are. I was just thinking about how much I could use a capable, agile helper... Someone like you!

I can't promise you mountains of gold. Nor can I assure honor, glory, respect, or any of that other nonsense that heroes expect. The work will be dirty and it might stink. But the knowledge you gain in helping me in my research will be priceless.

I suspect that the appearance of so many undead on this island is the handiwork of one of the greatest summoners in the world. Maybe a young Tep getting his start! But you'd be reasonable to ask, what did the mad summoner need in the Dead City, and what magic generated such a phenomenal number of undead? If only we could find the answers to these questions... I don't know what it will give us, but I am sure that this knowledge will come in handy for you and your friends in your "understanding of the truth," as well for us.

So what will it be - would you like to advance the cause of science?


This is just dandy. I happen to be in need of a reliable assistant, whom I might send to the most dangerous places on this island. I myself never learned to swing the sword, nor can I wield magic. On the other hand, my powerful mind and your fighting skills would be quite complementary, and I think together we could unlock this ancient riddle.


Experience: +1160

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