Sarn's Revelation



Speak with Nomarkh Ankh to teleport to the Palace Square, enter the pyramid and get the answers you need.
  • Nomarkh Ankh spoken to
    (Talk to Nomarkh Ankh and get to the entrance of the pyramid in the ghostly world)
  • The first answer received
    (Examine the Old Spark Trap and receive your first response)
  • The second answer received
    (Examine the Ancient Spark Trap and receive your second response)
  • The third answer received
    (Examine the Broken Spark Trap and receive your third response)
  • The artifact in the center of the pyramid studied
    (Kill all enemies near the artifact and touch it.)


I've only had you do one thing for me this whole time... But you didn't assume that this was all the all-mighty god would ask of you, did you? This agreement with Nihaz has another, greater purpose! And now it is time to reveal this to you.

You've only heard one revelation, the Revelation of Nihaz, which with his usual bloody-minded sense of humor he has nicknamed Tka-Rik's Revelation. Just as there's no yin without yang, no west without the east, there's no Truth without two sides of the truth. You heard the word of darkness, but soon you'll know the word of Light! The real, true Light, the Creating and All-Merciful Light that is Sarn!

Your path lies to the depths of Tep's ancient pyramid! I don't know what awaits you there. The answers to our questions do not always bring joy. I hope that you'll make the right decision.


An obelisk stands before you. Its smooth, black surface swallows up all of even the brightest light. The longer you stare into it, the more you'll change. It already appears as if the obelisk is looking back at you, its gaze piercing to your very soul!


You feel an irresistible urge to touch its surface. Such a smooth, perfect blackness, so alluring...


Experience: +18850

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