Enemy of My Enemy




Get final answers from the Object. Talk to Herbert de Vevre.


...Suddenly, the familiar sound - or is it noise? or a voice? - raises in your head. It looks like the Objects wants to communicate telepathically, but you cannot understand a word.
The Objects seems to realize that. The noise is going down, and dozens and hundreds of images flash in front of your eyes. It all happens within a minute, but it feels like hours.
You come to understand the Architect's language very soon. It is surprisingly primitive... or perfectly plain? It's hard to say.
One thing is clear: the Objects is trying to talk. And it is good, for you have way too many unanswered questions.


So have you talked to the Object?


What an interesting conversation. So, about that "Sculptor"... Do you believe it?
I think it is a little bit crazy itself. It's like there are two personalities in it - "him" and "them". Well, it is to our advantage to help "him" get away from "them".
It's good that it is trying to establish a contact with us. Its language is like a code. I hope it won't cause any side effects. Are you feeling well? That's great.
Well, with me it is slightly more complicated.


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