Dear Soul



Collect 20 juicy fruits in the Crystal Mountain foothills, place them in the trap and report to Black Bird.


They say that every Tekyan has an animal that's his spirit guide. And in the hour of great sorrow or tribulations, one should find their kindred spirit to help find answers to pressing questions. Perhaps that's just a story... But the hour of sorrow and tribulations is upon us - not just me but all Tekyan people. It's a time when even a fairy-tale can offer comfort and hope. I would like to find my spirit animal and ask him for advice. Will you help me?
All the birds on Irdrich are bright and colorful, and only one is black as tar. She soars in the skies above all others. They say that she lives on the very top of the Crystal Mountain. I was named in her honor. Do you think she'll come down from the heavens to speak with me? I've my doubts. But we can try to lure her.
I've made this trap, but we will need bait. I wonder what the bird eats? I like sweet fruit and berries... perhaps she likes them too?


At times I see that bird in the sky and whisper my secrets to her... I wonder if she ever hears me...


I saw her! She is circling in the skies above us... But she doesn't seem to want to fly down here.


Experience: +12800
  • +300 reputation points with Tequatl

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