Implacable Logic




Activate the Logic Machine on the path near the Paradox Veil and survive the Lictor attack. Summon Charles de Doucer using the reality distortion and report your success to him.


My measurements confirm my calculations: this world is trying mightily to reject the paradox, and only the brutal enforcement of the laws of the illusory reality is keeping the veil in place. Nonetheless, the laws of logics remain constant and implacable. And we will use them to banish Tep from his own creation.
While everyone else was loafing around being useless, I was working on our problem and assembling a logic machine. Go on and activate it somewhere near the veil. The best spot would be at the intersection with the trail going uphill. After some time the paradox that blocks your path will be resolved, and the veil will pop. But do be careful - Tep's servants will sense what's going on and will try to stop you. Don't let them near the machine! This is very, very important! Do whatever you have to, but the logical algorithm must run to completion!


What can I do for you?


Success? Well... That's completely logical... The theory predicted the inevitable... But then why are my hands shaking?


Experience: +8000

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